Delivery Technology Development Services

    Pellet drug release technology platform it is based on the company's self-developed pellet drug loading technology platform, pellet coating technology platform, to solve the technical difficulties in the process of pellet drug loading and pellet coating. From the uniform dispersion of micro drugs and insoluble drugs, the formulation process of heat-sensitiveness, light-sensitiveness, moisture-sensitiveness and other drugs with poor stability, as well as the stable molding, particle size control, screening, drying of pellets, etc., we have achieved a more mature supporting system from lab to the pilot to the manufacturing system. A complete set of engineering standards for controlling coating uniformity and stability by controlling air velocity, air flow rate, airflow temperature, humidity and other modes, systematically solving the engineering problem of pellet coating technology, which enables drugs to achieve the purpose of delayed release, taste masking or improved stability.


    • Targeted release of drug in the stomach

    • Increase drug concentration in the stomach, facilitate the drug absorption in the upper gastrointestinal tract, and improve the rate of absorption

    • Improve bioavailability, reduce the number of administration and drug dosage

    • Reduce fluctuations in blood drug concentration and reduces adverse effects

    • BociMed has perfect gastric retention and slow-release technology, gaining a good command of a variety of types of gastric retention and slow-release technology, including floating, adhesive, high-density, magnetically oriented, expandable, and super porous hydrogels


    • A drug delivery technology that uses the osmotic pressure difference between the inside and outside of the membrane or the driving force as the drug release driving force, and is characterized by zero-stage constant speed release

    • Achieve the ideal release rate for insoluble substance, and the simultaneous release of multi-component substances with different solubility properties

    • The release rate is not subject to impact caused by factors such as pH, gastrointestinal motility, gastric emptying time and food

    • Since its establishment, BociMed has been deeply engaged in the field of high-end formulations, and after many years of laying out the osmotic pump technology platform, it has mastered the core technology of osmotic pumps of various types, such as single-layer, double/multi-layer, compound, membrane-controlled, microporous, gastric retention, and colon targeting, etc

    • Dedicating itself to the field of pediatric drugs, BociMed takes the improvement of clinical benefits for pediatric patients as the starting point of R & D, and actively carries out R & D of pediatric drugs and innovation, providing a strong guarantee for the development of children's drugs.

    • Over the years, BociMed has accumulated rich experience in the development of pediatric drugs, and its pediatric drug technology platform is one of the key high-end formulation technology platforms, with a multiple system for the development of pediatric drug formulations established. BociMed’s R&D systems include: oral suspension/dry suspension, drug taste masking, pellet, oral film/buccal film and so on

    Equipped with the leading solubilization delivery technology platform (SOL ENHANCED™) in China, BociMed has mastered the technologies to enhance the solubility of insoluble drugs and improve their bioavailability, including micronization, complexes, inclusion, solid dispersions, lipid systems, microemulsions/self-microemulsions, surfactants, and polymer micelles

    Polymer micelles, for example, have the following advantages:

    • ① Increase the solubility of hydrophobic drugs

    • ② Stable physical and chemical properties

    • ③ Passive targeting, improving drug biodistribution, increasing bioavailability and reducing toxic side effects

    • ④ Physical encapsulation and chemical linkage of drugs to increase drug loading and enhance therapeutic effect

    • ⑤ Flexible structure, multifunctional modification to achieve efficient drug delivery

    Oral dissolving film (ODF) is a new drug delivery system that utilizes hydrophilic polymers to prepare films that rapidly disintegrate or dissolve on the tongue or in the mouth, and is suitable for a wide range of diseases, such as CNS-type illnesses, coughs, nausea and vomiting, and is very suitable for the elderly, children, and other patients who have difficulty in swallowing.

    ODF has a number of advantages when compared with traditional drug delivery systems (such as tablets, capsules and syrups), including proper thickness, good taste, stable nature, and it can be instantly dissolved in the oral cavity without drinking water, featuring advantages fast oral absorption. It also has the advantages of simple process, high drug loading capacity, good uniformity of drug content, and promising market prospect.

    In recent years, BociMed has always insisted on meeting the clinical needs of patients and bring better service to customers. After years of development, BociMed’s new orally dissolved membrane technology platform has excelled its peers in China. The company has mastered a variety of orally soluble film development technology, boasting a specialized orally soluble film technology R & D team, and equipped with a full range of experimental equipment.

    • 注射剂技术平台

    • 长效注射剂技术平台

    • 注射用乳剂技术平台

    • 注射用胶束技术平台

    This platform covers major service items such as nasal spray formulation development, nasal spray process development, screening of nebulizers, spray droplet characterization and inhalation property research, with comprehensive in vitro evaluation capability.

    It refers to the delivery of a specific drug directly to the lungs or using the lungs as a medium, where the drug is actively or passively inhaled by the patient to achieve the treatment of a localized or systemic disease. The company utilizes specific drug delivery devices to deliver drugs in aerosol form (powder mist, aerosol, inhalation mist droplets, etc.) to the lungs via the respiratory tract, and then solves the quality problem caused by the escape of metal ions from the pipeline during the manufacturing process through process improvement.

    Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS) is a route of drug delivery through the skin for purposes of local or systemic treatment. It bypasses the hepatic first-pass effect and avoids drug damage in the gastrointestinal tract, while also being self-administered and enabling good patient compliance. The company has experience in the development of various transdermal dosage forms such as patches, creams, ointments, and applications.

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