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Bring Better Medicine to the World

As an enterprise serving as a multiple drug delivery technology platform, BociMed, after more than 10 years of accumulation, has a high-quality international R & D team of more than 400 employees, more than 600 sets of SOP/SMP and process documents, a wealth of experience in 200 + drug R & D projects and international registration. The company has launched LIMS system and eCTD system to quickly respond to customers' filing needs, and has clinical operation and registration teams deployed in many places around the world to build an integrated service platform.

BociMed has built a multiple drug delivery technology platform, with expertise in oral drug delivery technology (sustained-release formulations, fixed-dose compounding formulations, difficult-to-dissolve drug formulations, and oral fast dissolving film formulations), injectable drug delivery technology (RTD/RTU, microcrystalline LAI, liposomes, micelles, and fat emulsions), pulmonary drug delivery technology (MDI, inhalation solution), transdermal drug delivery technology (ointment, film cream, and cream), ocular drug delivery technologies (eye drops, emulsions, micelles, nanocrystals), mucosal drug delivery technologies (nasal sprays, slow-release gels) and other drug delivery technologies. We have also made in-depth technical layout when it comes to such sectors as RNA delivery technology (exosomes, liposomes).

Thanks to the leading R&D technology platform and sophisticated quality management system, BociMed provides global partners with a series of services such as small molecule synthesis and CMC service, multiple delivery technology service (formulation service), clinical trial and registration service, etc., to accelerate the partners' drug launching process, and to bring better medicine to the world!

Corporate Culture

1、Value science, quality-centered, result oriented.

2、We hire those with "mature mind", that is to say, our employees have basic qualifications, are self-governed and self-driven, solve problems by themselves, keep learning, and have a sense of responsibility during work.

3、United and open communication: unite as one, eliminate evasiveness, constructive suggestions rather than accusations and complaints are favored

4、Person-post matching

5、Fact is the No.1 source to defend the point of view


7、Manager's responsibility is to build a high-performance team in the interests of the company

To bring better medicine to the world
To be the world's leading drug delivery technology platform
Efficient and responsible, integrity and honesty, innovation-driven and pursuing excellence
  • Leadership
Core Strengths
Honors and Qualifications
Since its founding, BociMed has kept integrating the core resources and capabilities of the enterprise to create long-term competitive advantages and unique value for clients

Business Principles

Upholding the vision of "Bringing better medicine to the world", BociMed serves more customers through multiple drug delivery technology platforms.

The company adheres to the principle of integrity, abides by business ethics, and establishes mutually beneficial and trustworthy cooperative relationships with all business partners for common growth. BociMed is committed to sustainable development and has established a compliance management system that meets industry standards to safeguard the intellectual property rights and data security of all business partners; it has also constructed a comprehensive career development system, allowing each and every employee to be fully paid for their labor, promoting mutual collaboration and career development for employees; we value and continue to enhance a culture of integrity, and requires that every employee abide by the Code of Business Conduct.

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Continuous innovation is the basis for the development of BociMed. We attach great importance to the protection of self-owned intellectual property rights and trade secrets, and at the same time, develop intellectual property research strategies to maximize the protection of the rights and interests of customers. Highly valuing data security and trade secret protection, BociMed implements a strict internal control system and adopts a perfect computerized encryption system to guarantee a high degree of confidentiality and security for all services provided for our business partners. Adhering to the integrity and staying in line with global quality standards, we respect for others' intellectual property rights and trade secrets and create a favorable business environment facilitating the sustainable development of the industry

  • Anti-Commercial Bribery

    In all countries and regions where we do business, we always ensure compliance with local laws and regulations and say No to all corrupt practices. We strictly abide by the open and fair market as well as free trade and transactions, and eliminate the behavior of seeking any undue advantage or benefit. We adhere to the concept of integrity in operation, abide by business ethics, and have establish a comprehensive compliance system. All cooperative behaviors established between BociMed and its employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners are operated in a benign manner under the compliance system, and we effectively supervise those who act on behalf of BociMed to ensure that they comply with these guidelines and adopt appropriate behaviors.

  • Environment, Health and Safety

    Through promoting green operations to minimize negative impacts on the environment and setting effective EHS management systems and targets, BociMed continuously contributes to sustainable social development. We measure, test and adjust our operations by conserving natural resources, reducing and preventing pollution, waste and emissions, and saving all types of resources, aiming to achieve a harmonious coexistence between business operations and the ecological environment. BociMed strictly abides by the laws and regulations related to manufacturing safety, maintains a safe manufacturing environment, provides each and every employee with safety knowledge training and support, and has developed a comprehensive safety management system. At the same time, we emphasize employee care, pay attention to the occupational health of employees, and are committed to creating a healthy and happy work experience for all employees.

  • Product Safety and Product Quality

    At BociMed, we are always "people-centered" in all stages of our drug development, clinical research and commercial manufacturing phases, with patient safety and health always in our minds. From procurement to R&D and process development, from mass manufacturing to registration to clinical studies, we always strictly regulate our R&D and manufacturing behaviors according to the quality standards as per international regulatory requirements. During the R&D process, we abide by the international R&D ethics and code of conduct, and promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry and science and technology while safeguarding R&D ethics. We are subject to internal and external audits, and have met the verification requirements of regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe, the World Health Organization, and China. At the same time, we communicate with our business partners, urging them to also follow the ethical norms and codes of conduct of regulatory agencies in various industries and regions when conducting various scientific research.

  • Fair Competition and Trade Compliance

    BociMed promotes healthy business cooperation through fair competition, eliminates unfair business practices, and ensures to comply with these principles when conducting interactions with competitors, third parties, and business partners. We work with our business partners in a fair and honest manner, including pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and academic institutions from four corners of the world. BociMed has a comprehensive trade compliance management system and a professional team to track changes in laws and regulations at home and abroad, and form a process system regulating trade compliance, so as to achieve compliance management and supervision of the company's departments of purchasing, R & D, registration and filing, clinics, and operation.